GSoC @ CHAOSS — Coding period 3–4

Week 3 and Week 4 have been THE BEST so far! There was a lot of coding involved (which I love) and I had the chance to learn so much from my mentors. I thought it would be great if I recorded it all below, so here you go!

Week 3 — the age of the bad PR

Week 3 started with a bang! Turns out I had missed the step of checking the styling in my files and my mentor(the blessing that he was) had to check my files manually and figure out the styling errors.

Lesson learnt — fix up all the linting errors before you raise a PR and run flake8 every time you push code.

As I cleared it all up, I realised how many styling errors I make when I write code. I made a vow to consciously write code, the logic is not the only thing that’s important.

Having said that, shoutout to my mentors for not disowning me! And when I was finally done with fixing the millions of styling issues, let me tell you this — My code has never been cleaner.

Week 4 — a new dawn

Part 1: GraphQL, graphql!

This week, I started working on the next step of my project. We now had a model to handle all the organizational hierarchy information called Teams. We needed to extend the GraphQL layer of Sorting Hat to have methods that can query and manipulate this information. It had been ages since I worked on GraphQL so this week was a lot of fun. The only catchw as that I had trouble setting up the new SortingHat version - at one point I thought I had to delete the entire folder and start again but I eventually figured it out!

Part 2: Learning Github is a never-ending process.

I had to pull one of my mentors into multiple calls over this week, for I had some trouble with some Github changes in PR #1. We fixed up all my messy commits in the first PR, I sure had tons of random commits that shouldn't have been there. However, I had great fun doing calls with my mentor as it increased the sense of community bonding I had with CHAOSS.


As these two weeks come to an end and I work on PR #2, I have to say that I am quite enjoying my Summer of code! This community couldn’t be more fun and my project sure is teaching me a lot!