GSOC @ CHAOSS — the midway milestone (weeks 5–6)

Weeks 5 and 6 mark the middle of the Google Summer of Code (since it’s only 10 weeks this time). I have documented my progress below, but TL;DR = FUN;

Week 5

Week 5 was when I raised two PRs, one to fix a bug and another to add GraphQL functionalities. This week continued to be an intensive coding period like weeks 3 and 4.

Week 6

This week’s sync-up with my mentors was around the UI. The two PRs were in review and we were discussing the next steps — the organizational hierarchy information needs to be visible to the end users. This, to me, was the most critical of all of my milestones. Irrespective of all that I have coded so far, this is what the users are going to see.

My mentors pointed out to me the various questions my solution should be able to answer. I thought the design would be easy, but it did turn into a bit of a struggle. I am still trying to fit stuff in and make sure that I can think of all possible scenarios so that by the next sync up, I have a good design to share with my mentors.

Small wins

My PRs from week 5 got merged this week. And I got them right the first time without any styling/logical errors. In case you want to check out my spotless PRs, see them here.

Also, before I forget — I filed my first bug in the Sorting Hat repo this week!

August is around the corner

On the personal front, my visa appointment is next week and soon I’ll be boarding a flight to Carnegie Mellon! I am a bit sad that the weeks are rushing by so fast, am already past the midway mark and only have 4 more weeks of this wonderful experience(hopefully I can deliver great by then). But I am definitely going to make the most of what I have and continue to build on my work.